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MDO Plus of First United Methodist Church
307 W. Elm St.
Rogers, Arkansas 72756

Amy McCann, Director

Phone: 479-531-0940
Fax: 479-631-8929

MDO Board Members

Mother’s Day Out Plus is a ministry of First United Methodist Church. The program is governed by a board lead by a moderator and 13 total members include Pastoral Liasons.

Please feel free to contact a board member at any time with any concerns or suggestions that you may have. We are here to serve you and to continue to create the best learning environment possible. For suggestions, comments, or concerns you would like to address to the general board, please email them to

Erin Kraner-Chair

Jenny Harmon- Vice Chair

Sandi Wanasek & Carie McMaster-FUMC Pastoral/Staff Liasons

Amy McCann-MDO Plus Director

Norma Gilchrist-MDO Plus Assistant Director

Heather Sullivan-Teacher Representative

Adam Jones

Joe Craig

Rob Sidani

Landon Thurman

Melanie Palmer

Shilah Swearingen

Michael Robinson